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Nature Immunology Selected Our Image For The July 2023 Volume 24 Cover

Katerina Akassoglou and colleagues provide single-cell RNA-sequencing and phosphoproteome analyses of CNS microglia and macrophages in response to blood proteins including activated complement and fibrin. Their findings point to potential therapeutic targeting of microglia activation by immune and vascular signals.

Our Chapter Was Selected For The Alzheimer’s Disease Book Cover

The laboratory of Dr. Katerina Akassoglou developed a method for three-dimensional imaging of neurovascular alterations and blood-brain barrier disruption in cleared human brains. The image shows fibrin (red) around damaged blood vessels (green) and amyloid (blue) in the brain from a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. Image Credit: Mario Merlini

Katerina Akassoglou Received the 2022 ISFP Prize

Katerina Akassoglou, PhD received the 2022 ISFP Prize “for outstanding contributions to the field of fibrinolysis and proteolysis” at the 3rd Joint Meeting of the International Society for Fibrinolysis & Proteolysis and the Plasminogen Activation Workshop, held at Caen, France in September, where she delivered the ISFP Prize lecture. Dr. Akassoglou is the first woman […]